“Mommy Molester” Denied New Trial

Sam Stockard of the Murfreesboro Post (Tennessee) reported on February 18, 2016 that Angela Montgomery, formerly of Tennessee and most recently of Oregon, has been denied a new trial.

The now infamous Jehovah’s Witness mother was convicted of molesting her own children and performing questionable sexually related acts on other non-related minors. Montgomery was sentenced to 40 years in prison after her trial in March 2015.

Circuit Court Judge Royce Taylor denied Montgomery’s requests for acquittal and a new trial. She faces 40 years in prison for raping her oldest son when he was a child.

Montgomery, most recently of Portland, OR, was convicted in 2015 of forcing her son, Alan Von Webb, formerly of Murfreesboro, to have sex with her multiple times during visitations from 1999 to 2003 in Tennessee.

Convicted on six counts of child rape, Montgomery was sentenced to 40 years in state prison. Judge Taylor broke the six counts into two sets of three with each at 20 years to be served consecutively at 100 percent.

During a sentencing hearing, Von Webb testified he wanted Montgomery “to be put away so she can’t sexually abuse any other children.”

During the court hearings, Von Webb testified that he was sexually abused when he was very young. The evidence presented in court focused on acts that took place when he was 9 to 13. He said he saw his mother also sexually abusing his younger sister and brother. He also testified that she also nursed non-related young children she kept – even when she wasn’t producing milk.

Sam Stockard quoted Von Webb shortly after the trial: “She was the person who brought me into the world, but that’s pretty much where it ended, because a real mother wouldn’t do that to her children.”

Sam Stockard can be reached at sstockard44@gmail.com.

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Did you know that 99.9% of rapists and pedophiles in prison will tell you that they came from families where there were no relational boundaries (incest)? Incest breeds rapists and pedophiles. = Psychology 1A. Yet Child Protective Services, Psychiatrists/Psychologists, judges, district attorneys handing out get off easy passes, public defenders and criminal attorneys who either have empathy or sympathy for these psychopaths, all want to keep married and employed Caucasian men out of jail. Especially these FAKE CHRISTIANS. The judicial system either demand they just get therapy (which most reject or simply snow their shrink) or do very little time in the country jail. A white man will maybe do a couple of years with no priors, and a man of color with no priors will do at the least ten years in prison. Sadly, the elders in Kingdom Halls barely got a high school diploma and do not want to educate themselves on these simple facts. Rather, they want to hide these perverts because they feel sorry for them that they got caught quite possibly because they did these things too before they came into the “Truth.” The best way to do that is to demonize their victims and tell all their friends and family to dump them, and not warn the congregation of the SOB in their midst. I know. It happened to me!



I know someone in West Sonoma County, CA that raped his own daughters as well as other people’s, and when the police came to arrest him at the Kingdom Hall, they escorted he and his wife out the extra exit door in the bathrooms. He and his now ex wife left for months to his parent’s property in Mendocino County to camp out until the heat died down. His wife finally divorced him but he only agreed to pay her alimony if she left the kids with him. She abandoned her daughters and son to their rapist/pedophile biological man for money, just like a prostitute.



Note: The pervert empathizing elders escorted them out the side door in the bathrooms.