“Mommy Molester” Sentenced

Angela Montgomery can now be truly known and described as the “Mommy Molester.” The 52-year old Jehovah’s Witness and resident of Gresham, Oregon has, based on court testimony and a judge’s sentence, earned that rather descriptive and chilling title.

The trial of Angela (Von-Webb) Montgomery took place Tuesday, March 10-13, 2015, in the Rutherford County Circuit Court room of the Honorable Judge Taylor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. On Wednesday, May 6, she was present in court again to hear her sentence.

Six charges of “rape of a child” were filed against Montgomery in late 2012 after an eight-month-long investigation by Murfreesboro, Tennessee, detectives, Wayne Lawson and Tommy Roberts. They cared enough to listen to detailed statements from two of her children as they described the rapes and sexual assaults they suffered at their mother’s hands since their early childhood. Those detectives – heroes, in my opinion – listened and decided to do something about it.

Other than a battery of people directly connected with the court and the jury, the audience in the courtroom was small. Reporters and camera operators from two of Nashville’s major TV stations were also there recording the proceedings and short interviews.

Joe and I were sitting on one side of the courtroom with two of Montgomery’s adult children, her son and daughter. Their father, Paul Von-Webb, and stepmother, Susan, were also sitting with us. Angela’s third adult son has Down Syndrome and was not present but two other people, relatives of Susan, were sitting nearby. All of us attended the entire trial. Our group is shown chatting and watching the proceedings at various times in the news reports.

On the other side of the courtroom (behind the accused) sat another Von-Webb adult son. He was part of the defense’s case. He entered the courtroom only when he testified and then stayed for the rest of the day. He answered “I do not remember” to every question asked him by the prosecutor. But his testimony was undone by records of his own statements made to investigators and therapists from when he was 10 to 13-years-old as he described the abuse Angela inflicted on him and his siblings.

Angela Montgomery’s mother came to her daughter’s trial from Raleigh, North Carolina. Montgomery’s present husband of four years, Pat, came from Portland, Oregon, where they lived together. Also attending was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a friend of Montgomery’s from the Murfreesboro area. A few other unidentified people sat in the spectator section, including a reporter from a local newspaper.

Watch and share the following video that covers the sentencing hearing on May 6, 2015. I will provide more background information and more details from the trial in a future follow-up article.


“Mommy Molester” Sentenced — 6 Comments

  1. May Ms. Montgomery join another JW sociopathic child-abusing mother, Eunice Spry, in an especially torturous place in the universe. Thank you for reporting, Ms. Anderson.

  2. All I have noticed is how ungrateful her son seemsto be and how he has fallen into the trap of listening to his fathers’ brainwashing.
    Barbara Anderson seems very pompous and proud by just seeing her on video.

  3. How dare you make comments about a person that you don’t even know!
    Are you just only listening to them because you arent a JW anymore?
    There isnt any proof that she did these things. All lies!

  4. I asked a black brother that if the governing body wrote him a letter stating that on the first of December that he would turn into a white brother. He replied that he cant wait until December.

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