Radio Interview on “Chuck Morse Speaks”

Those of you who know me personally or have visited my website in the past, know that since 1992 I have been a tireless advocate for protecting children.

Over the years, I researched the Watchtower’s child abuse problem for the Governing Body. In spite of the fact that I presented my research to each member to try to resolve the problems the Watchtower refused to make any meaningful changes. I’ve worked hard to spread the word and have earned a reputation for being an outspoken critic of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society’s doctrines that “unduly influence” Jehovah’s Witnesses and also protect sexual predators.

A few years later I was interviewed on major TV networks and local stations – as well as several radio programs – about the Watchtower’s child abuse problem. My goal was to promote changes to the Watchtower’s practices. As technology has changed I have embraced using the best available media resources to promote the protection of ALL children, with a special focus for those in Jehovah’s Witness families.

In September 2014 I started actively using my account on LinkedIn to connect with media personalities and politicians to actively promote awareness and to urge the expansion of child protection laws. My connecting with Chuck Morse via LinkedIn resulted in an invitation to have him interview me on his radio show on November 11, 2014.

The radio program was well received. After my interview I wanted to create both an audio and visual presentation of that broadcast so that more people could listen to it at their convenience and hopefully share it with their friends and loved ones.

Video Version of Chuck Morse Speaks with Barbara Anderson…

I will continue to adapt to new technologies to get my message out.  You will soon see those efforts on this website and with the future production of more video presentations.

I will use any means to promote the protection of children – as long as I feel that my efforts are effective.

So far I have received positive feedback for both my “Chuck Morse Speaks” interview and my new LinkedIn group “Advocates for Protecting Children from Maltreatment.” I want to collaborate with LinkedIn members and urge them to contact politicians who have the power to pass laws that will effectively protect children from sexual abuse in the future.

Audio Only (.MP3) version of Barbara’s interview on “Chuck Morse Speaks…”

LinkedIn group “Advocates for Protecting Children from Maltreatment.”

Chuck Morse via LinkedIn

Barbara Anderson on LinkedIn

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