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San Diego Reader Updates JW Child Abuse Cases

According to the San Diego Reader news website, Attorney Irwin Zalkin and legal representatives for the Watchtower Society will make an appearance in a San Diego, California District Court on September 15, 2017. They will be participating in a hearing to discuss a Watchtower motion to seal documents requested by the court as evidence.

The Watchtower’s legal department is doing its best to prevent the contents of those files from ever being seen by the public. Currently, the Watchtower Society is under a court sanction requiring them to pay $4000 a day in fines until they release the requested documents or equivalent electronic records. Attorney Zalkin says the appellate court should hear the appeal of the sanction order sometime next year.

Zalkin is also quoted in the article: “I can’t explain what their [Watchtower] logic is or their legal strategy.”

The article lays out the basic fact of the cases involved that date back to the 1990s. Most of the events centered around the Linda Vista Kingdom Hall located in northern San Diego County.

The article’s writer, Dorian Hargrove, mentions and quotes Barbara Anderson and this Watchtower Documents website at some length.

LINK to San Diego Reader online article.

PDF (unedited) of the original article.


4 replies on “San Diego Reader Updates JW Child Abuse Cases”

This legal move will make it so sexual predators can freely move around in the organization to victimize many more women and children. No public record is a sadistic sexual sociopaths fantasy. More women and children who are victims will be be ostracized by the clergy as well as by fellow believers who are told to. These very fair weather “friends” will rally around pedophiles and rapists. Anyone (judges and attorneys) going along with this legal agenda obviously have empathy for sex offenders/societal termites. Hence, birds of a feather flock together.

A former “friend” who literally drops off literature told me she is not permitted to use social media, or to research court cases in the news or she can be viewed as apostate and shunned. She is a paralegal by trade!

This cruel and sick cult has to be banned throughout the world. One question? What good are they to society? Their history speaks for itself. They are false all the way. They are big business with all kind of stock investments. And I thought those tv preachers were bad. At least they are not causing homes to break up. They are money grabbers but they do not knock on anyones door with propaganda. They must be stopped. I forsee a Jim Jones ready to happen. I forsee a memorial service laced with kool ade and whatever poison they can buy cheap.

I get the impression Jehovahs Witnesses are right
…the second coming Has begun
Bringing good news that Jesus spoke about
You can now investigate & do research on anything heavenly possible ….nothing excluded
All misdemeanors ….most importantly the Watch Towers
….who are false prophets and who not

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