SCAARS Responds to Reports of “Stolen” Documents

From the Board of Directors of “Stop Child Abuse – Advocates for Reform and Safety (SCAARS)”: Concerning recent reports of the use of “stolen” database documents to expose hidden allegations of child sexual abuse, the following is our declaration:   


1. supports the goal of changing laws and changing culture respecting child sexual abuse through an orderly and lawful process involving education and engagement with legal authorities and law enforcement agencies.

2. disapproves of committing criminal acts to achieve publicity, notoriety, or to monetize activism.

3. advocates that criminal acts should be subject to search warrants, arrests, grand jury investigations and actions by Attorneys General or U S Attorneys.

4. believes that civil acts of abuse should be subject to investigation and a discovery process, leading to legal means to force documents and secrets into the open.

5. backs credible reports of criminal conduct or behavior that provide a probable cause for legal action, either criminal or civil, which should be free of exceptions to mandated reporting or the imposition of statutes of limitations as to time.

6. trusts child victim statements and supports directing minors to authorities, starting with parents, teachers or other first points of adult contact, and passing these reports on to professionals or law enforcement sources for immediate evaluation.

7. promotes lawful process and resolution, leading to recovery, redress, and ultimate justice.

8. champions the seeking of justice with equitable compensation for victims along with dignity for all in the legal process.

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Hollie Richard

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