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Watchtower Buys a Large Property in New York

Jehovah’s Witnesses recently added another property to their real estate portfolio. This property acquisition took place in spite of complaints in their publications and on their online video channel that the organization has suffered from a nagging shortage of funds.

In February 2015, the Watchtower purchased the new property to support their Audio/Video Center at the Watchtower Educational Center in nearby Patterson, N.Y. 

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. negotiated the purchase of the property in Westchester/Fairfield County in New York state at a price reported to be just over $6 million. The property has been described as being over 11 acres and includes existing office and warehouse facilities. The site is on Mount Ebo Road South.

Those close to the Watchtower organization have indicated that the property’s primary use will be the production of video and other media. In recent years, the Watchtower has reduced distribution of printed materials and expanded its use of electronic and Internet-based media. Their historic methods of distribution over the past century centered around magazines and books printed in the Watchtower’s own printing and binding facilities.

The Watchtower’s video production has been originated and edited at their Patterson, New York offices.

For decades the Watchtower organization’s emphasis was primarily on door-to-door and street corner distribution of their printed magazines, books, and pamphlets. However, in recent years the organization has switched to publicizing and promoting video-based presentations and less on printed materials. Jehovah’s Witnesses now use their tablet computers and cell phones to enhance their presentations to non-Witnesses willing to listen to their message.

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I remember in the 80’s, Watchtower published a series of articles denouncing “The Electric Church”. What hypocrites! I hope one day that is all they are and the majority of the congregants abandon them because of their wrong policies of shunning (especially family members), the so called 2 witness rule, allowing pedophiles to have positions of trust, and fleecing the flock regularly! That will indeed be a happy day for me and my family that have left Watchtower.

Debra…funny thing is…I forgot about those articles, now that you mentioned it…I recalled them. Thanx. :). Hypocrites for sure= JW.ORG. Pot calling the kettle black for a certainty. Yep…sooo glad to be out, and wishing such for sooo many more still within the life-sucking hold of JW.ORG…Their true colours are showing ever more, people are seeing them for what they are…A cult steeped in falsehood, greedy, controlling and the list goes on…Leeches in everyway!

Comprono proprieta e se li intesta il cd. I fratelli lavorano gratis e poi li rivendono guadagnando tante volte tanto. Visto il lavoro di restauro fatto dai fratelli. Non mettono mai dei fondi per aiutare le famiglie che vivono in ristrettezze economiche. Fanno gli imprenditori con i soldi dei fratelli.

Approximate translation: They buy properties and if they understand them the cd. The brothers work for free and then [the Watchtower Society] resells them earning [profits] so many times [over]. Thanks to the restoration work done by the [volunteer] brothers. They [the Watchtower] never put funds to help families who live in financial hardship. They [act like] entrepreneurs with [the] brothers’ money.

I knew of a worldly elderly lady that was being visited by JW’s in their door to door ministry. Somehow they got the old lady who was suffering from dementia to sign over her entire estate. Her only child/son was living with her as he was going through a divorce and had no money for another legal battle. When she died he asked the elders at the Kingdom Hall to give her a memorial service. The elders refused to because she was was not a baptized member. After he had his own service for his mother, the living trust was read, and the lawyers for the Watchtower Society kicked him out of his childhood home with all his belongings in it. The Sonoma County sheriff that came to kick him out allowed him to only to grab his clothing, medicine, toothbrush. All the photos, memories, furniture were now theirs. He had to go live in a homeless shelter until he got back on his feet. Does this sound like something Jesus would do? Far from it.

I want the world to know that in California anyone with a diagnosis of dementia cannot sign ANY legal paperwork. After your parents are deceased and if you find yourself in this same predicament, you only have two (2) years from the time of death to fight religious frauds(or foreigners hired to take care of mom/dad, and In Home Support Service-IHSS workers which is common too). I suggest you get on it right away because in that two years time they can liquidate all your personal effects and assets and it will make it a much harder legal fight.

I know of a brother and two sisters whose father was an elder in Marin County, CA. They hired a Hispanic woman who went to the Spanish speaking meetings to watch their father after their mother died. In a few months time the Latina woman was married to this much older gentleman and was suddenly in his bed. In less than a year’s time she managed to change his will right before he died. He had dementia. She excluded his children from his home and business even after his son had taken over the business he had started a couple decades ago. They didn’t fight her because of the JW’s dogma about not taking legal action against a fellow believer. She liquidated her assets and moved south of the border. These are wills, living trusts, and probate problems among Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Excommunicated because I had a relationship while I was divorced. Renierde my family without anyone. I never spit on Jehovah like the rotten two of the central college. I hate them, I vomit them for that. And I’m sure that soon, those bastards will pay the day of the last judgment.

Excommunié car j’ai eu une relation alors que j’étais divorcé. Renierde ma famille sans personne. Je n’ai jamais craché sur Jehovah comme l’a fait les 2 pourris du collège central. Je les déteste, je les vomis pour ça. Et je suis certain que très bientôt, ces saloperies paieront le jours du jugement dernier.

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