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“Witness to Murder” Documentary

The ID Discovery cable channel in the United States showed this program for the first time on August 20, 2014. It is a straight-forward documentary based on the book Wolves Among Sheep by James Kostelniuk. Some scenes in the documentary are recreated by professional actors, but there are dozens of live interviews with those familiar with the case.

The program is part of the “Deadly Devotion” documentary series on the ID Discovery Channel. Viewers in the USA can catch the show again over the next few months as these shows are repeated several times. Please check your local cable listings as this is a show you will not want to miss seeing. There have been no announcements of showings outside of the USA as of this date.

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Wolves Among SheepAiring Wednesday, August 20th in the United States a new documentary produced for television on Identification Discovery (ID) channel, based on Jim Kostelniuk’s book, Wolves Among Sheep: the true story of murder in a Jehovah’s Witness community.

DEADLY DEVOTION SEASON 2: the episode “Witness to Murder” will be shown Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. EST as well as Thursday, August 21st at 12:00 a.m. (midnight)and Sunday, August 24th at 10:00 a.m.

For those who subscribe to cable systems (Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner) the program will also be available on “On Demand” and other similar services after the show airs on ID Discovery (“Discovery ID” in some markets). Brief Intro Video

13 replies on ““Witness to Murder” Documentary”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!!! I have waited 29 years for some exposure to this!(It will be 29 years to the day on the 29 of this month) No one has spoken openly about any of this the whole time!!! People are led to believe they died in a car crash or other, if they know they (Kim, Juri and Lindsay are dead)! Mr.James Kostelniuk if you are reading this from the bottom of my heart your children were loved!!!!!!! I am one of the kids in the Congregation, me and my sister’s loved them very, very much!!!!!! We spoke of them a lot, sadly it was non-witnesses who wanted to hear!!!!!

Thank you for writing I never knew I would have the chance to let you know how I feel!!! I sent you a email I hope!(I am not good with computers) My sister tried to email you years ago but it didn’t work. In case you did not receive my email my is

Im in tears. ive been out 20 years after being born and raised in ‘it’, the first 32 years of my life. Spent many years deprogramming myself and my children. Im still sickened by it all. I knew nothing else. How can this be? My entire family is locked into this and they think IM THE BAD GUY. demonized. ugh. at any rate this is all encouraging. thank “god” for the internet and the information highway .

I feel so frustrated since yesterday and today I had forgotten to tape this episode. I have it taped for this Saturday. One thing I have had the chance to personally see is how Barbara only speaks in facts. Doesn’t matter what people presume, when I have asked her opinion on anything she will go for facts only. So in as much as you might seem educated in your speaking of Barbara, it just shows inadequacies in that respect. But more knowledge will help you in the future I feel on being able to say things yourself correctly. I know for myself, when I was interviewed by a newspaper, things that I said were turned around, not in that it was done on purpose, but they wrote a few facts wrong. People just need to be able to see the whole picture, not nit picking on small little facts to find fault when someone is trying so hard and doing so much,,( something people sitting and criticizing themselves) are not capable.of. I can’t wait to see the episode on Saturday. EllaElla

My eyes were opened after 55 years in “The Truth”. Where my parents and I attended Brooklyn Center Congregation. Harry Peloyan, Congregation Servant was my dad’s teacher. Love abounded in Jehovahs organization. Somehow I managed to believe nothing had changed until in 2005′ when my elder husband of 35 years committed adultery and despite my willingness to forgive, chose to persue the adulterous relationship and disfellowshipping. As though that was not shocking enough, the news spread like wildfire throughout South Georgia. A very popular brother’s wife had him disfellowshipped. Despite my innocence, my local body of elders have yet to shepherd me, forcing me to leave the congregation only to receive similar treatments elsewhere. He has since remarried, though he obtained an unscriptural divorce from me, and has recently given a public talk as an outgoing speaker. It’s been 10 years and still no shepherding call. I tried to remain a part of the congregation…. Any congregation, but am still an outcast, even by local elders as far as 150 miles where my mom attends.

The behavior on the part of the elders in the documentary account only emphasizes the need for a major shake up in the Organization. Surely the death of a family at the hands of this loyal servant is not what Jehovah wants. Please read about the family in Witness family in South Carolina who were murdered by the husband.

I was in NYC this past weekend going to the statute of liberty and looked over on Brooklyn side…and low and behold there’s the sign for Watchtower. Makes me shiver. My dad was a JW…after divorcing my mom, remarried, and cut off communication between my mom and my brother and I. After we got out, we reconnected with our mom and after nearly 30 years, my dad still has nothing to do with us and is of course a well regarded elder. There’s no need for a major shakeup in the organization … it’s a occult without a compound, and is what it is and they are who they are.

People forget that NO ONE is perfect so no matter what religion, organization or group there are gonna be bad people. You have bad people in the police department but that doesn’t mean the police as an organization is bad. Same here, the people did wrong and the elders did NOT follow the quidelines of Jehovah’s Witnesses because verbal and physical abuse are legitimate grounds for divorce. The fault was not with the wife. It was her husband and the elders fault. It’s easy to blame the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses but if the elders had done what they were supposed to they would never have even gotten married because you should have counseling and in depth conversation before the marriage. If they had done that they would have known he wasnt a devout witness. Bad people are EVERYWHERE, in your church,neighborhood, city,etc. People saying they never knew they was living next to a murderer or serial killer is because some people can wear multiple faces well and convince you they are something they are not. I am so angry and hurt that this innocent family was killed because humans think they know better than God and then turn around and blame his teachings. A marriage is a partnership and the man is the head of the house but he has quidelines he has to follow and if he doesn’t (which he didnt) then she had every right to walk away and they should have supported her not him. The elders were WRONG and they should be ashamed and they will face judgement from the same God they CLAIMED to represent because Jehovah will NEVER support this behavior or using his name to engage in this despicable behavior. I speak from experience and even though I am not baptized this is wrong in anyone eyes. Jehovah Witnesses are allowed to get divorced and they are allowed to get medical treatment but dont accept blood transfusions. Alot of stuff was misrepresented and instead of talking to a former witness talk to a KNOWLEDGEABLE current witness. People are always gonna be people, imperfect and sinful. There is no excuse for this and I am disappointed in those so called elders.

Nina, with all do respect Kim felt pressured to marry! The congregation mocked those few who had serious concerns about the “arrangement” or marriage if you prefer. I was one of the kids in the congregation I had a first row seat to what we ALL KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!!!! Misrepresented??!! It was a cleaned up version!!!!

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