Watchtower Wants to Shutdown Website

The Watchtower has threatened an Irish ex-Jehovah’s Witness with monetary damages and “compensation to the fullest extent of the law” in their attempts to have a website he founded taken down. The problem is that Jason Wynne, the original owner and creator of the website and the focus of their lawsuit, seems to be the wrong target. He no longer has any control over the website.

Wynne has been threatened with demands for monetary damages and compensation by the Watchtower Society through a New York court even though he lives in Ireland and no longer controls the website. The site is not being served from either the USA or Ireland.

This has become the classic case of the Watchtower trying to use the courts and threats of financial ruin against those who successfully expose their abuse of their own members, former members, and some non-Witness critics.

Wynne was a Jehovah’s Witness but was disfellowshipped for “having sex outside of marriage.” While he was trying to be reinstated as a Jehovah’s Witness, he discovered that the Watchtower was “using secret policies that the organization did not disclose to its ordinary members.”

Wynne describes his being somewhat ignorant of all the rules and secret policies being practiced by the leaders of the Watchtower religion. Those rules resulted in his being shut out from any involvement with the religion, the loss of friends and family members, and damage to his personal reputation.

While Wynne was hoping to be readmitted, he set up the blog to point out and describe some of the Watchtower’s secret policies. Other JWs provided him with updated policy letters and informed him of the ongoing court cases and investigations of the Watchtower because of unchanging and damaging policies that protected sexual and child abusers. The website, AvoidJW, began hosting secret documents and personal stories of those who had suffered the loss of their families and friends due to the Watchtower’s shunning policies and protection of child abusers within the organization.

The problem that both he and the Watchtower face is that he has no control over the site at all any longer. He has had no recent involvement with the site and no ownership of the site or its servers. His position is that he has neither the funds or the control over the website to make any changes to satisfy the Watchtower. He also stated that his main reason for passing the website on to others was because he did not have the time or funds to make any decisions to support or maintain the site.

He mentioned that a lot of the damning “secret documents” that he published or described on the original website came from other active or former JWs who tried to keep him up-to-date on all of the recent changes and current policies within the Watchtower. It just got too big for him to handle. 

Surprisingly, Wynne describes the current owners and writers of the website were “current Jehovah’s Witnesses” and the website is not located in either the United States or Ireland. The site provides documents and data to journalists, lawyers, and law enforcement contacts in North America, Great Britain and Europe. It has provided documents and other data to support child and sexual abuse cases that would ordinarily not be available from the Watchtower Society. Those services have been helpful for several court cases and inquiries involving child sexual abuse and other Watchtower policies.

News Article/Primary Source Material: Barry J. Whyte /  Photo Credit: Michael Dillon

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Watchtower Wants to Shutdown Website — 6 Comments

  1. I have been associated with the Jehovah’s Witnesses most of my life. My Aunt and Uncle were baptised in 1943. They both served faithfully until death a few years ago. My wife and I were baptised in 1973. Due to extremely horrifying mistreatment by the elders in one particular Congregation… we went inactive for over 20 years.
    As a result of unfair leadership of the JWs …I began travelling in the engineering field and as a result… associated with about 2 dozen Congregation.

    Well ended up back here again. To make a long story short… became Very active again for over three years. Then…”same old stuff” began all over again. I ended up on “HEAVY ANXIETY MEDS” and visits to the ER half a dozen times… twice… so bad I was “shaking the Gurney!!”

    Anyhow… this is a very long and complicated story… thought about writing a book Lol Jehovah’s Witnesses are really good people… and do really preach “truth” But…that said… that leadership… clear to the top “DISAPPOINTING!!” Something needs to be done!! My research has revealed 1,000s in the same boat… increasing numbers resorting … “SADLY to SUICIDE!!” More research reveals that Jehovah’s Witnesses are going out the back doors just as fast as they’re coming in the front!!! Especially those youth!!

    Thanks to my warm family… and my primary doctor… I have been off those “those heavy ANXIETY drugs!!” Almost a year now!! Believe me… that’s NOT EASY!! If I hadn’t stopped my association… that probably would not have been achievable??

    Since… I’ve been thinking about forming a group to try and help others with that help… prayerfully going global… just don’t know how to do that…

    Perhaps… someone can help!!

    I will share my “Full story” with anyone that’s interested in “helping to help other”


  2. Butch, I think what you are doing is great. I know a woman who was married to a serial rapist in the congregation that started raping their daughters when they turned 13. The elders took his side even though five females came forward with his same behavior. The elders passed rumors through the Kingdom Hall that we were all “mentally ill and slandering Brother Walton.” Their daughters started cutting themselves and running away from home. These are all red flags of child sexual abuse/incest. The elders told his wife that incest was not adultery and that she could not divorce him. She was on antidepressants until she finally got up the courage and left him. Once she left her demonic ex husband and the “Truth,” she never had to take another pill again! Their daughters were left to flounder without any psychological help though as they became emancipated teenagers and are survivors with great hurdles in life like no high school diploma. To this day, the elders call on Brother Walton to encourage him back to be regular at meetings;on the other hand, the elders have his ex wife, two “sisters,” and his two daughters on a “DO NOT CALL LIST.” A clear abusive example of how “man is the head of woman.”

  3. I hope with all my being that any court case the gb will bring against the ‘irish’ site will have a judge order them under threat of imprisonment to finally hand over their hidden files on abusers and blow the lid off the wts once and for all time. Yes hand over with no time to pay fines in lieu or any other delay tactics..

  4. It is sad the extent of crap that goes on in the…approved and hidden, covered over by the Gb and their helpers…this religion has to be shut down…it is really getting what it desrves now…perhaps their end is nigh…we can only hope….thanks to all who make an attempt to smoke these suckers out….they can try to hide…but there is a God…how much will He let go on as they smear truth with lies and disgusting behaviour….what a shame to belong to such a filthy religion…may all who can speak on…people must be warned…govt’s must know what this so called charity, which is filthy rich is doing to people…make them pay their taxes etc….once their wealth is gone…they will shrivel and disappear….? They are a parasite that is sucking the life and money, out of innocent people…living in shameless luxury…

  5. I know of an elder in San Rafael, CA that had an affair with a baptized teenage JW who happened to be the daughter of another elder. Well the elder having the affair was disfellowshipped for a couple of months while his wife divorced him. As soon as his divorce was final, he married the child (parents signed her off), and the congregation welcomed them with open arms. With spiritual brothers and sisters not of the clergy class, they continue shunning and never fully trust that person. I have seen folks in that congregation shun a women indefinitely who divorced her husband for drinking heavily, beating her up, and even her finding her husband naked in a bathtub with their toddler daughter. It really pays to be an elder or a ministerial servant, related to the clergy or good friends of them, but most of all to be born with a penis and you really have sinners Carte Blanche to do as you wish at the Kingdom Hall.

  6. I’m newly awakened& have a story to share. I want to hold on to anonymity. Struggling with issues that that were the very fiber of what I totally believed. I first felt something was wrong “at the top” of the org when I became aware of them sheltering pedophiles. No way was our most Holy Creator favoring this org with His approval. Have they become an Evil Slave? I want to believe much of what was taught that has scriptural backing. Many teachings do not. I’m amazed how their technique of teaching takes over our brain, our ability to reason, our souls. There are a lot of sites that I watch & appreciate the efforts to help.

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