Barbara Assists New UK-based Support Website

A UK-based Jehovah’s Witness has initiated a new website to offer support and education to Jehovah’s Witnesses, both past and present – and for those interested in their teachings and policies.


As he describes its purpose, Jehovah’s Witnesses Refined ( asks current and former JWs to open their minds and examine the “…controversial and disputable teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses…because it is a scriptural requirement to critically examine one’s own religious beliefs.”

The author/editor, who remains anonymous, describes himself this way using a third person point of view:

“The author was born into the Jehovah’s Witness religion…has been a pioneer and ministerial servant, and although no longer an active member, he is not disfellowshipped. He does not claim to be one of the anointed or to have any special insight from the holy spirit…”

He describes his personal interests and resources this way:

“The articles are the result of many years of research combined with the author’s own unique views. Some of the material and ideas have been adopted from other writers, and in some places another writer’s thoughts have been reproduced verbatim without necessarily referencing the original author, some of whom are also anonymous. The author is indebted to those whose research and ideas he has drawn on or copied.”

Barbara Anderson was pleased to lend her help to the author of for an article he published in late July 2014 discussing the Watchtower’s child abuse policies.

Barbara has long been an advocate for change within the Watchtower Society on many issues, but she has placed particular emphasis on child abuse and the Governing Body’s continued support for their so-called “two witness rule.”

The author makes a point to acknowledge Barbara’s participation in his article, “Jehovah’s Witnesses, Child Molestation, and the Two-Witness Rule.” He also quotes directly from several articles by Barbara published on this website. You can read his entire article here: [Link]

Barbara offers her best wishes for the success and future growth of this new website. She hopes that the readers of will visit and support this new effort to reveal the Watchtower’s harmful policies that put children and women in peril.

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