London Conference: BBC Radio Interview April 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. An excellent interview. Thanks for sharing. The longer I’m away from the JW’s the more I realize it is a cult that knows how to make people feel unworthy.

  2. I am a current JW that recently came to the conclusion that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Organization and their Governing Body is made up of Satanic men and whoever that stand behind this hypocrites are going to be as well as them, responsible for all the innocent blood that they had shed for over a 100 years. They are master minds of deceives, lairs, false prophets, fraud, extortion and much more beside stealing Our Lord Jesus Christ position in front of God(Yeap, to the Gehenna with them!)
    They will have to paid and receive their reward of destruction as part of what they have said it will happens to the false religion, Babylon! So, Get Out, Get Out if you don’t want to perish with her for all her inmoral actions committed for so long.

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