Puerto Rico TV Reports Watchtower Child Abuse

On October 24, 2018, the Puerto Rico’s Telemundo Channel posted a 45-minute news variety show called “Entretenimiento Boricua”  (slang for “Puerto Rican Entertainment”). It featured a 23-minute segment about Jehovah’s Witness child sex abuse (with a focus on policy) as told in interviews. 

Time marks are from the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/faqaZBzZd4M
Intro:  We know about abuse child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, but now the accusatory fingers are being pointed at Jehovah’s Witnesses.
3:30  In a home interview with Lailony Flores (victim), Nelly Lugo (JW who resigned over abuse scandals) and Nestor Kuilan (ex-elder, possible ex-CO).
6:18 Nestor says he got to know Barbara Anderson and visit Tennessee, where he saw that abuser elders were not being reported or removed.
6:35  15-second video clip of Barbara Anderson compiling cases of abuse, Nestor comments on her findings.  Nelly also complains about the failure to disfellowship abusers.
7:40  12-minute interview with Rafael David Candelaria in NY via Skype, a former Puerto Rican elder/pioneer
8:19 He relates a case he knew of where a 12-year-old girl was abused by her JW step-father. She reported it to elders, who investigated the matter.  The couple separated and no action was taken.
11:11 Question:  Why were police not called?  He explains, in that era (30 years ago) the two witness rule was strictly applied.  He relates that as late as 2001 he as PO read a Watchtower letter to Congregation in which congregation members were encouraged NOT to report to police, although that option was left open to individual family decisions.
20:07  3 graphics highlighting JW abuse cases and the fines or imprisonments that resulted.
2002  23,720 cases revealed (Not clarified what countries covered in this number)
2007  Napa Calif.
17 Nov 2005  Oscar Omar Osorto (N. Carolina)
19 Dec. 2006  Mariel Simonin  Montreal Canada
12 Nov 2006  Enrique Bahema Robles
New Section – “Conspiracy of Silence”  Large Money Settlements
17:40  Candace Conti – video clips  $17 millin
18:00  Lopez abuse by Campos  $13.5 million
18:35  Karen Morgan, G.Brit.  No Police called.
19:30  Discussion of ARC29 with clips. 
22:50 Extensive analysis with large graphic of the WT letter cpr-5 4/18  “Our Posture on Child Sex Abuse.”  Highlights of sections 3 to 6 and 9 to 10.
22:50  Host extends invitation to any responsible representatives of JWs to appear with him in a respectful interview forum to discuss Congregation Procedures and Policy.
23:35 end



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Cathy Vélez

Cathy Vélez

Hello!! I share the link to another YouTube channel that is active and where the puertorican Television Program “Jay y sus Rayos X” appears, where the subject of sexual abuse of minors within the Jehovah’s Witness congregations in Puerto Rico is discussed.