JW Police Dispatcher / Elder Negotiates Plea in Sex Abuse Case

On September 20, 2019, the Fresno Bee reported that a 45-year-old Fresno, California Jehovah’s Witness pleaded “no contest” on Friday to charges he sexually assaulted a young girl from his church who was only 17 years old. The man was identified as Martin Phillip Ramos. An additional surprise was reported in the article: The accused worked as a “police dispatcher in Madera.”

Martin Phillip Ramos was supposed to begin his preliminary hearing before Judge Arlan Harrell on Friday, but prosecutor Nicole Galstan offered a plea deal and Ramos took it. He had previously pleaded “not guilty” to felony oral copulation, possession and distribution of child pornography, and misdemeanor child molestation. According to the Fresno Bee, he faced up to seven years in prison if he had been convicted on all charges.

The Fresno Bee also reported that part of the agreement was related to Ramos’ plea fo “no contest” to a felony count of oral copulation of a person under 18 years of age and another misdemeanor count for child molestation.

Judge Harrell proposed a sentence of 270 days in county jail and three years probation. He could get a prison term of two years if he violates the terms of his sentence. The sentencing date is scheduled for Oct. 18. Ramos must also register as a sex offender when he is released. Ramos’ parents were in the courtroom watching as he was handcuffed by a Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy. The judge ordered Ramos to be jailed while he awaits his sentencing.

Fresno police began investigating Ramos after receiving an anonymous tip. They learned Ramos met the victim and her family while he was an elder at the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall located in the 4000 block of West McKinley Avenue.

According to the report, Ramos mentored the girl, and the two communicated through text messages. At one point, the two exchanged “inappropriate” photos and their relationship turned physical.

So now the open question is how the local Kingdom Hall elders will deal with one of their own? Will he (and/or possibly the young woman) be “disfellowshipped” and shunned by the other members of the congregation. Or will he, like so many other elders that have been caught in the same trap, simply be reproved and eventually returned to his ministerial servant position? 


JW Police Dispatcher / Elder Negotiates Plea in Sex Abuse Case — 6 Comments

  1. I know of an elder in Sonoma County, CA who was caught in bed with his own biological sister by her husband. Imagine the horror of coming home early from work one day to find hillbillies in his own bed! Anyway, the husband of the “Deliverance” elder divorced her and fought for full time custody. She was not granted any custody because she couldn’t be certain with the mediators of the court that she was going to end her sexual relationship with her brother the elder. He had her convinced this was a biblical thing and that it was Jehovah God’s will and the two of them had His blessings. The husband that divorced her was demonized and shunned by the congregation and so were the children who had witnessed no relational boundaries and inappropriate behavior. He has long since removed himself from the cult along with the children and with much counseling all of them have recovered from that nightmare. They have no contact with their mother for choosing to not get help and to continue her sexual liaison with her brother. From what I hear, the brother has never been disfellowshipped but has sat on disfellowshipping committees for much much lessor and not as weird offenses.

    As it turns out this brother and sister’s own father liked to play “rape games” with his three children when they were growing up in the 1960’s while his wife sat in the next room reading the Bible and Watchtower literature and ignoring her children’s screams for help (so much for the “help” scripture there). Both sons have turned out to be sexual predators. Why the Watchtower Society hangs on to the incest being Biblical thing I will never know as 98% of the rapists in state prisons have been raised in socially awkward families where incest/rape is a common thread. If elders would only embrace these findings in a simple class like Psychology 1A and/or Abnormal Psychology they would better serve their flock. Not to mention know ALL the criminal codes in their state for committing these crimes against humanity. When stupid people reproduce, they have sons and daughters infected with this societal atrophy…AKA “The Vampire Disease.” In all my life, I have never met so many people in one religion who are the product of incest. I find that so utterly strange.

  2. Most likely this young woman will be demonized and shunned. I can just hear the elders telling certain gossips in the Kingdom Hall now, “She was using her feminine wiles to seduce him…she is mentally diseased…a Jezebel…a fornicator…she didn’t scream the word “Help”…she might be an apostate.”

  3. The bible is a good book to follow as it promotes morality and decency.

    Just ignore the bad parts such as

    * having sex with your daughters
    * offering your daughters to rapist
    * having sex w/ the housekeeper
    * having sex with your siblings
    * killing women for not being
    a virgin at wedding.
    * Having slaves as property
    * beating up your slave
    * Keeping the slave’s wife and kids
    if he wants to be free from you
    * Killing rebellious children
    * Divorcing wife if you dont like
    her anymore
    * Kidnapping a beautiful girl after
    killing her family and shaving
    her head. After 30 days you can
    get rid of her.
    * Killing someone for working on
    * Killing entire nations for having
    a different religion
    * killing children for their
    parents mistakes

    It’s all there in the bible to see.
    Just read the bible without making excuses for it’s immoral standards and contradictions.

    • Yes!! You are right and if they would understand the history of the world in which the idiots (JWs)they would know how their precious bible was written by an English king in the 1600s!!!!!!!!!! Those idiots live their entire lives by it. Such self-induced slavery OMG I feel sorry for them and mostly their kids.

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