WGAL News Reporter Interviews Barbara

TV station WGAL in Pennsylvania has been closely following the ongoing legal actions against Jehovah’s Witnesses in connection with their handling of child abuse cases. Becca Hendrickson, a staff and field reporter for the station, recently interviewed Barbara to discuss Watchtower’s policies that cover up and hide criminal activity within their Kingdom Halls.

WGAL, channel 8, is an NBC affiliate television station based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It serves the Susquehanna Valley region and is owned by a subsidiary of Hearst Communications.

Barbara has been in contact with local ex-JWs, actual victims of abuse, attorneys, and other news agencies in the area. She also participated in a well-reported rally that included local politicians, activists, and many former Jehovah’s Witnesses.

WGAL continues to stay in touch with Barbara as the cases progress through the legal system. In spite of the travel and long hours in meetings, conferences, and interviews, Barbara feels that Pennsylvania is getting serious about dealing with the pedophiles and other child abusers within their jurisdiction.

Miss Hendrickson has enthusiastically taken on this newsworthy project. You will notice in the video that she insists on getting all the facts and dedicated to getting the complete story out to her viewers.

The memories of the Penn State University scandals a few years back and legal actions involving the mishandling of child abuse by the Catholic Church are still very fresh in the memories of Pennsylvania residents and politicians. Now they are being educated on the equally evil, unlawful, and harmful policies that hide and protect criminal behavior among Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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Jolene Rivera

Jolene Rivera

How can I get involved in helping to get Watchtower to change their policy? I’m in California and want to help expose this. Please let me know how I can help!