Former JW Gives An Amazing Witness

In an amazing one-page website Daniel Genser relates his experiences growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness. He then gives a very clearly detailed witness about why and how he and his wife decided to leave the organization.

Read how they took the steps necessary to not just leave the religion they had grown up in, but also completely change their lifestyles.

What I Believe to be True – and How I Have Come to Believe It 

“I am not intending to be provocative or controversial, but some of what you will read might be challenging. If it is difficult for you to read, please know that it has been infinitely more difficult to write it.” – Daniel Genser

Don’t rush through Daniel’s story. Be prepared to spend some time reading a very personal account of how he was raised, how he lived as a very active, involved and totally dedicated Jehovah’s Witness. Then take the time to really analyze all the reasons why he and his wife not only decided to leave, but to strike out for new horizons and restart their lives to experience a sense of adventure and freedom.

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