Barbara on Investigation Discovery Channel (ID) in August, 2015

Robert & Janet Bryant

In 2002, Robert Bryant, at one time a highly respected Jehovah’s Witness elder, murdered his wife and four children and then killed himself in McMinnville, Oregon. Why would this wonderful and hard-working family man do such a terrible thing? What happened that drove him to commit such a horrible crime?

Investigative reporters interviewed many people (including Barbara) to try to answer these questions. Barbara appears several times during this program to offer additional background informatin and explain Watchtower beliefs that could have contributed to this and other tragedies.

Repeats of the season 3 premiere of “Deadly Devotion” are occasionally available online on the ID Channel website and on most cable TV systems (look for “Discovery ID” or “ID Discovery” channel). It is also available for purchase on ($1.99). This was the first of 6 episodes that began airing in August, 2015 and it’s about a horrible tragedy within a Jehovah’s Witness family. Due to copyright restrictions we can not provide our readers access to the show here or on YouTube at this time. Please check your local listings for the Investigation Discovery Channel under the “Deadly Devotion” group of shows.

Brief video interview that includes Barbara Anderson and the sister of one of the victims.

A full version of this episode can be purchased on YouTube here: LINK

We also hope to have a YouTube video review of the show and the background behind this story featuring Barbara. It’s in progress. Watch this space…

Read more at this article about another program in this series from a year ago:

Wolves Among Sheep and brief short video: LINK

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I watched this show. I also was a victim of sexual assault with a deadly weapon (shotgun) by a “brother” before I became a witness. I got married had a couple of kids and came into the “truth.” We moved to another city and my rapist was sitting in the congregation. When I heard he was molesting his daughters and they had tried to commit suicide (a symptom of child sexual abuse), I came forward and the congregation turned on me. Other women came forward too including his now ex wife who told the elders he “loved to hogtie her and rape her.” I wasn’t disfellowshipped but maybe I was unbeknown to me. I don’t know??? I just stopped going there when my four year old son who was raising his hand vigorously at the Watchtower study and they purposefully ignored him and he turned to me and said, “Let’s get out of here mama. These people hate us.” They turned on all his victims. Turns out his family was into incest which breeds rapists. The elders loved the rapist’s perverted parents, brother, and sister. They even turned on his sister’s ex husband when he divorced her after coming home early from work and found his wife in bed with her brother. The elders were mad at him for leaving her and gaining full custody of the kids (since those that practice incest have no relational/age boundaries).



The elders and his family drove Robert Bryant to murder. They were harassing and slandering him. Sometimes good people snap. Too bad he didn’t take it out on the monsters that were bothering them.