Cult Girls, based on a true story

Cult Girls

After many years of seeing countless struggling good woman being treated so poorly (better off dead) by their family and once close friends, I felt the need for healing comedic and having a colorful educational tale of the wacky upbringing, JW marriage culture, common incidents to us as being raised as Jehovah’s Witness, divorced as a JW, married to an elder. It touches topics such as smoking, abortion, birth control, JW’s wacky and unfair judicial system, the recruiting process, the love bombing process and the parental conditional love that most sadly experience in a suppressive, strict religion environment and has a guidebook narrative of how to fade out. I also felt it was something that people should educate themselves that what might look acceptable when you are love bombed on a door knock, there is a whole other side of why people are actually in the faith and are just pretending to be happy. The beauty of life is that we are all at different stages, have individual personality, desires, goals and dreams and this is all presented in the book with the woven tales of Talia and her dear friends. That is why cults are bad I feel, we are all different and we should learn to trust ourselves and be able to explore our individual desires and purpose in life.

Natalie Grand co-author of Cult Girls

Cult Girls by Natalie GrandKunna AuliaNikki Powers tells the story of Talia and her friends as they struggle with growing suspicions that their faith is a patriarchal religious cult. It’s a story of tremendous courage and female empowerment as Talia as her friends successfully free themselves told through a feminist lens with cautionary humor.

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