End of the World in 6000 Years – Part 6

Being wrong did not stop prognostication during the nineteenth and twentieth-century from continuing. Calculation methods changed. Scriptural interpretations were reexamined. In 1941, Theodore Graebner, in his book, In The Light Of Prophecy “WAS IT FORETOLD?” reminded those in the prediction business about past failures:

All chiliastic predictions [Chiliasm is the doctrine stating that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years] made in the past have failed. The millennium did not come in 1837, as foretold by Bengel, nor in 1843, nor in 1844, nor 1845, nor 1850, nor 1857, nor 1863, nor 1877, nor 1896, nor any subsequent date set by the Seventh-day Adventists, nor in 1868 … nor in 1914. Nor has any other event predicted by the chiliasts ever occurred within the limits of time set by their chronological figuring. When they attempted to foretell the future, they have always failed.

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