The Theocratic Life and Times of Theodore Jaracz — 2 Comments

    • Probably, but reading through this article nearly brought on a panic attack as I recalled the thick and nausea-inducing atmosphere of the Kingdom Halls and JW-life. Careful, that tie may be a bit too wide to wear; that hairstyle is just too worldly. This same fear-of-man attitude was also reflected in other evangelical religions where a local pastor’s reign of fear and intimidation guided flock to starve themselves and suppress individuality.

      In defense of his aloof air at Bethel, the man probably was too keenly aware that despite the label of “God’s organization” he was surrounded by ambitious and scheming MEN and WOMEN who would push their parents or children overboard into the cold Atlantic if it meant a promotion up the Watchtower’s career ladder. A show of affilation with someone in a hallway might turn into an accusation of favoritism.

      I would agree that a Christian conscience is the best guide, if one has been trained to use it, or is training it by Holy Spirit, but last time I checked [which brings on waves of nausea and vomiting] Watchtower literature, Holy Spirit serving as a guide or trainer is a “no-no” because the GB is replacing HS. The weird thing in the Watchtower’s perverse obsession with pulling up Mosaic Law practices and covenants, somehow the varied approaches to atonement sacrifice don’t seem relevant as a reality that God–if exists–has many paths to atonement.

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