A&E TV Presents New Series on Cults

A&E TV Presents New Series on Cults

An A&E TV program about cults (including Jehovah’s Witnesses) that Barbara will be on, will air this coming Tuesday, May 29th (2018) at 10 PM EST. Don’t forget to watch and please share the information.


In Cults and Extreme Belief, Elizabeth Vargas, alongside former members of controversial organizations, goes on a search to uncover how these sects use their influence to prey upon people’s desperation to create powerful and often destructive belief systems. The first program presents the personal story of Romy Maple, a former cult victim who will be sharing her story.


13 thoughts on “A&E TV Presents New Series on Cults

  1. Dearest Barbara and Romy:
    Bravo! You both did an excellent job in presenting the truth. Thank you for validating my experience. All I ever wanted too was for someone to believe me and protect me. What I found creepy is the man at the gate when you Romy were giving your letter of resignation. What was with the two men sitting in the car for 40 minutes staring at you? Were they waiting for their lawyers to come tell them what to say or what not to say? What a bunch of brainwashed idiots! How about a heartfelt I am sorry this happened to you for so many years as a child and that we mishandled the situation by instructing elders to demonize and shun you as a child for speaking your personal truth? Would that not bring about a spiritual healing? That is if they honestly cared! The problem is that some men get a little position & power and they no humility or empathy/sympathy. These people that hide crimes against humanity have absolutely no testicles and did not have the decency to say a word to you.
    I find it disgraceful Barbara that you worked so hard for the organization for so long and that you made psychologically sound suggestions for the governing body and elders to become mandated reporters and to handle victims of rape, incest, and pedophilia with dignity and respect and they disfellowshipped you. That is totally horrific on the part of this organization. Had someone told me what really goes on behind closed doors when I was studying this religion I would have NEVER became one.
    I have found that I am on a do not call list and that the elders minister to the rapist in my Sonoma County, CA Kingdom Hall and not his 5 (that I know of) victims. Instead we are labeled “slanderers, false memories, crazy, mentally ill, apostate” and any other adjective to encourage the perverts in the Kingdom Hall and to keep people really stupid from wanting to know there is a dangerous person in their midst. My rapist’s wife finally left him after he raped his daughters as they turned 13 one by one, and she never had to take an antidepressant again. So they can no longer call her “mentally ill!” The elders told her not to talk to me, and she was told the same. She removed herself from the demonic influence/marriage and disassociated herself from Jehovah’s Witnesses for covering up crimes against humanity.
    What I have found in the world is that there are people like me that have been spiritually wounded by elders and that we support each other and hold each other up. There were no JW brothers or sisters there for me in my time of distress because they do not have the skills to be real friends or know what one is. To them talking about rape is like swearing and they plug up their ears, eyes, and heart. It is all about making all the meetings, getting their hours out in service, and being considered an approved associate by the elders. I have come to the conclusion that it is a patriarchal society, and if you were not born with a penis you are honestly never “approved” of. Like my husband says, “It’s a men’s club and the women and children are just ornaments…chattel.”

  2. Corrections:

    The problem is that some men get a little position & power and they are seriously lacking in humility or empathy/sympathy.

    The elders told her not to talk to me, and I was told the same.

  3. I thank you so much for getting accurate information to the world. Hopefully, other humane people like you will start to take action and help those who have suffered and are suffering at the hands of the society.

  4. Thank you so much! I found out a few years ago that my own congregation had an issue and my own elder father helped cover it up. I am so disgusted with all of them.

  5. Are we hearing everything or is it being twisted by the media like everything else today. I know very little about Jehovah’s Witnesses but I find it difficult to believe that this is something that so many elders could be part of. They are unpaid positions so what could be the motive. I think that the majority of us would report this crime to the authorities

    1. Hi David, elders are ‘yes men’ they have to obey the organization’s directives. They cannot allow themselves to ‘hear’ their conscience, they have only to obey in order to remain in good stand as ‘spiritual men’ directing congregations as of the WT instructions. In addition, many of them, are proud of their position as elders, they are a kind of technical men: respect and act as the WT wishes: no heart, no emotions, no empathy. So sad, so in contradictions to the role they should assume as of the Bible.

    2. It is extremely accurate unfortunately. I really wish it wasn’t. As a Jehovah’s Witness myself and having close friends and relatives in these leadership positions, I can say that this happens and has been happening for many decades. We don’t get the authorities involved because it will ruin the religion’s reputation. We will do anything to keep Jehovah’s name untainted and holy. The elders are instructed to call the Jehovah’s Witness Branch for further instruction. If there is no confession they do NOTHING.

  6. On the subject of Child Sex Abuse in religious institutions. How can we fully expose and bring to justice a religious organization like the Watchtower Society that operates a pedophile haven. Victim rights have been violated by disfellowshipping and shunning their victims for coming forward to speak about their abuse. A National Statute Of Limitation Bill needs to be introduce to Congress. I would like to see the Governing Body’s “hides nailed to the barn door.”

    1. Or just strung in the trees…magpies can help themselves…actually the magpies remind me so much of the Gov. Body bunch…prey on ones already hurting, weak…innocent….Cruel and hateful bunch…

  7. I was born into the JWs too. I was disfellowedshipped at 24, ( even though I had not been practicing since 18 or so), because I was pregnant & unmarried. Elders actually came to my job while I was working & pregnant, & asked if I wanted to ‘talk’. Like you’ve got to be kidding me! I’m working! I said no, of course. My family actually kept talking to me for quite some time, even though my brother was a very high ranking elder, who they had traveling a lot. My mother never stopped loving & supporting me. I even became her caregiver as her Alzheimer’s increased, though none of the witnesses ever stopped by to check on her. Shortly before she passed away, my brother was in a car wreck that broke his neck & they took away all his privileges. But what really got me, was at my mother’s funeral, the talk was more directed toward me & how I needed to come back to the truth, rather than celebrating the life of my wonderful, loving mother. Now, I pretty much don’t exist to my family. Which I say I’m fine with, but I talk about it in therapy a lot. My husband, who I recently married, has a wonderful family & I’m so grateful that they are patient & understanding that I can’t believe in any religion, much less God at this point. At least they didn’t get my son into the JWs.

  8. It is very good to be able to know your experiences, it gives me the courage to continue forward in the battle to help others get out of this lie. Greetings from Argentina

    Es muy bueno poder conocer sus experiencias, me da ánimo para seguir adelante enla batalla de ayudar a otros a salir de esta mentira, Saludos desde Argentina

  9. Hi

    My name is Ronald. I live in Brazil and my whole family belongs to the Watchtower Society.
    It is so scary when i watch Romy’s story on A&E.
    I will investigate deeper about them. I would not like to see this happening to some friends of mine.

    I will follow your reports about this issue.


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