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  1. Hello Barbara – I hope this message finds you doing well. I was not raised JW, but joined after college. I’m sure you can guess all of the reasons. Looking for answers to life’s questions; wanting an end to suffering etc. I also knew on some level that I am gay on some level when I began studying. I believed that it was my “cross to bear.” 18 years later, at the age of 40, I realized the level of my self-hatred and decided that I could not live a lie any longer. That was in 2010 when I dissociated. I have done a 180 many times over and rediscovered myself. I entered graduate school in 2010 and earned my Master’s in Social Work. I wrote my thesis on “Gay and Lesbian Jehovah’s Witnesses and Issues Related to Loss.” I have reached out to Evan Dawson of NPR on numerous occasions to help tell the story of being ex JW. He has only responded on superficial level. Perhaps you could reach out to him and spur his interest. I thank you for reading this. Hopefully, I am able to correspond with you on some level.

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for your insightful work. I was Raised a witness but left the organization to attend college, etc.
    I have read and enjoyed the detailed work of Ray Franz. Your writings are also insightful. After your extensive research and knowledge on the subject of Christianity; what is the correct path? Is organized religion all just nonsense? How can I find peace in my heart.

    Warm regards,


  3. Date Line reports that the JW Organization is not reporting child molestation charges to police.
    Isn’t it government’s responsibility to go after those molesters once it is reported?

  4. Dearest Barbara, please advise all parents and tell all abused sexually molested children to get a medical examination, especially girls with ruptured hymen and scarred tissues is conclusive roof as silent second witnesses to conclusively prove of sexual vaginal penetration which the medical authorities will notify the authorities and these medical doctors can be called in courts as expert witnesses this will shut the mouths of those who claim there are no two witnesses!Also there are psychologist who can assess post trauma behaviour to confirm of sexual abuse. Even better if DNA evidence is present, but that is not as easy as children speak much later after the past incidences.

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