Ray Franz’s Interview in Poland (2007)

During much of his later life, former Governing Body member Raymond Franz was invited to speak before various groups and organizations around the world. He spoke with an eloquent and direct approach, but was never harsh or overly critical of those he disagreed with – not even of the Watchtower organization or its leadership that had treated him so poorly after his lifetime of service.

This particular video is an excellent example of Mr. Franz at his best.

Introduction and Background Notes:

This video was originally produced and hosted by former Jehovah’s Witnesses in Poland. Production of Voice of the Gospel Foundation.

[Notes from the English Language (edited) Version]

It was a great interview! Unfortunately, because of the required interpreting, it was also quite long – originally 2 hours 42 minutes. For this reason I’ve edited it down, removing all the Polish translation (I sincerely hope that the Polish friends are not offended by this, and offer my apologies if that is the case). I have added subtitles where some of the questions are difficult to hear during the question period. Also, I’ve added frame blending between edits, so as to cut down on the choppy appearance of the edits. I find the interview quite watchable now, and it has been reduced to about one and a half hours.

Ray gives such good information here and expresses himself openly on his personal feelings as to hell-fire torment, the immortality of the soul, and the Trinity. He also gives specific information on the one(s) responsible for the development of the New World Translation. Enjoy.

[Notes from the original Polish Language Version (edited for clarity)]

For over 16 years [Ray Franz was] actively involved at the highest levels of the [Watchtower] organization. In 1939 he was baptized, and in June 1940, after graduating from high school, he entered the full-time service in the work of “preaching the good news.” His uncle was Frederick William Franz, who was president of the Watchtower Society during the years 1978-1992.

“Nearly forty years I spent as a full-time employee of the Organization. I had to work on His account at all levels of the organization. The final fifteen years I spent in the international headquarters, of which over the past nine I was a member of the organization’s Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was during those last years that were for me the [most] decisive period. My illusions collided with reality. Since then, I’ve [come to] appreciate the accuracy of the words that I read recently, the words spoken by a late statesman. He said: ‘The great enemy of the truth is often not the lie – deliberate, devised, dishonest, but the myth – persistent, persuasive, unreal.’ Now I start to realize, in a great measure what I based my entire adult life [upon] was just such a ‘myth – persistent, persuasive, unreal.'”

Original video with Polish translations presented on YouTube by Jak Berejczycy. English version (edit) published on August 13, 2014 on YouTube presented by “Only in Christ.”

Link to original uncut Polish Version of the above video.

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A lie is still a lie even if it is told in total innocence and complete ignorance hence Christ Jesus statement “YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, self evident