What You Don’t Know About Jehovah’s Witnesses — 2 Comments

  1. What I found out after baptism, and confronting a rapist in my Kingdom Hall that had harmed not only myself as a worldly teenager, but his family, and friends, as well as many other countless worldlings, is that I really did not have a single friend or spiritual brother or sister who would lay down their life for me. I found that NONE OF THEM were there with me through the storms of life. My alleged “friends” “fled from me because the elders told them to walk away from me and not look back if they did not want to end up shunned for being associated with a victim of sexual assault with a deadly weapon. They were told to shake the dirt of their clothes before it sticks.” By the way, I was never publicly or privately reproved or disfellowshipped by the elder’s for their imagined sins of mine. I was ignored during book studies and Watchtower studies, an out in service, and so were my innocent children under the age of 5, whose worldly husband was studying with one of the elders. Hence, I was treated like the red headed step child at a family reunion and told I should apologize to my predator for going to the police, and recant my account to the authorities because “law enforcement’s way is not Jehovah’s Way.” I learned the hard way that Jehovah God wants nothing to do with anyone that calls themselves Christians, be it Jehovah’s Witnesses, or any church that demonizes the victims of a rapist or pedophile. God finds detestable those that that are incapable of not showing love to those in crisis. I am told to “pray about it and just do what you are supposed to be doing.” I prayed long and deep and found that ALL churches are just another men’s club, where women and children can be abused and silenced, and violent sex offenders can hide behind the clergy because the psychopath happened to be born with a penis. Jesus even said God does not dwell in man made temples…let alone Kingdom Halls.

  2. Mrs Barbara Anderson my grandmother was a Jehovah Witness and I studied with them. I started when I was 15 years old then seriously when I was 21. I became disillusioned with my jw friends there years after studying. In 1993 to 1994 I did research and in late 1994 I found a bible verse that helped me accept christ.When I spoke with my teacher and an elder(I want to speak to an elder I knew but my teacher told me to speak with somebody else) I was grossly mistreated.

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