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Barbara Anderson

Barb and Joe Anderson

Barbara and Joe (2016)

Barbara Anderson was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses from 1954 through 1997. She worked at Watchtower’s headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, from 1982 to 1992 where during her last four years there, she researched the movement’s official history (published in 1993) and did research as well as wrote a number of articles for their Awake! magazine. While working in the organization’s Writing Department, Barbara discovered that the Watchtower organization covered up child sexual molestation committed by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Rather than becoming discouraged over this discovery, she became a champion for change. This issue caused her to exit the religion and eventually become an outspoken critic of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ sexual abuse policies that she’s extensively researched.

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Montreal Judge: “Save the Girl’s Life”

The Friendly Atheist website [served by Patheos.com] reports that a judge in Montreal, Quebec, Canada may have saved a fourteen-year-old girl’s life. In his decision, Judge Granosik gave the doctors permission to overrule the young girl’s own decision to choose not to accept a potentially life-saving blood transfusion.

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Identifying “Spiritual Abuse”

Credits: Pixabay - John Hain

Within organized religious institutions, the manipulation and pressure over “performance” issues perpetuated by people in positions of authority are common, but not easily recognizable. The effects should be characterized as “spiritual abuse” initiated from a misuse of power and influence by leaders who lack humility …

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Russia Bans “Extremist” Jehovah’s Witnesses

Several European news agencies have reported that Russia’s Supreme Court has ruled that Jehovah’s Witnesses are to be listed as an “extremist organization” and will effectively be banned in Russia.