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A Special Message from Barbara…

Barbara AndersonDear Friend,

As you may be aware, for over 20 years I have been promoting changes to how organizations protect children from sexual abuse through the media and through the legislative and litigation processes.

I now ask you to please join me in signing, sharing, and supporting a petition to President Obama’s administration to support legislation to tweak the Tax Code to help protect children from sexual abuse. Here is how you can get involved and help me toward this goal:

Please sign the following petition and share it and the Facebook page link with your friends and family for the next 20-days (November 10, 2015):

If you want to read what I consider would be an effective and reasonable law to protect children from sexual abuse, please read the legislative overview of a draft bill that is referenced in the petition at

I sincerely ask you to please get involved before another child becomes a statistic.  Even simply contacting your member of Congress and both of your US senators to support this type of legislation would be very helpful.

Although talking with a Congressional staffer would be the most effective, a template of a letter/email that you can send to all of your members of Congress is contained in the same drop box account as the draft bill.



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UK Child Abuse Survivors: “UK Government: Require Mandatory Reporting”

Kathleen Hallsey

Kathleen Hallsey

Survivors of child sex abuse are campaigning for the UK government to introduce mandatory reporting laws to help tackle abuse within Jehovah’s Witnesses communities. This follows on the heels of the Australian Royal Commission Investigation of the handling of child abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses and their policies where similar demands for improved reporting by all organizations were considered.

Several of the Jehovah’s Witness elders appearing and offering testimony during those hearings indicated that if the government required “mandatory reporting” of child abuse and other criminal acts,  that would not only allow – but force them to fully report crimes and let the civil authorities get involved. Even Watchtower Governing Body member, Geoffrey Jackson suggested that “mandatory reporting” would make elders’ jobs simpler and that the organizations would welcome more government involvement.

Now that movement toward mandatory reporting has moved to the United Kingdom after an almost constant stream of horrific child abuse cases have been uncovered and tried in British and Scottish courts.  Read a complete report on this story.


REVEAL Exposes Watchtower’s Strategies to Hide the Truth

trey-bundy-2In an article dated September 23, 2015, Trey Bundy reports what happened when one of the Watchtower Society’s Governing Body members testified during two weeks of hearings before a Royal Commission in Australia.

Geoffrey Jackson, one of seven current Governing Body members, and several other high-ranking members of the organization in Australia testified for hours after swearing to tell the truth. In his article, Bundy asks, “Were any of them really telling the truth?”

Those of us who have been Jehovah’s Witnesses who are intimately familiar with the Watchtower organization know that everything elders, branch representatives – even members of the Governing Body – speak or write, even under oath, is questionable. We’ve learned that they are willing to hide, distort, ignore, and deny the “truth.” Even those who know that they are not being truthful to news reporters, investigators, and even the police will do or say whatever is necessary “to protect Jehovah’s earthly organization.” They learn how to do this as part of Watchtower strategy known as “Theocratic Warfare.” The recent Commission hearings in Australia provided us with a grand and endless display of their official use of that “theocratic strategy.”

We will be presenting more information on this story and the Australian Commission Hearings over the next few days. We are in the process of editing an entire section dedicated to the Commission hearings that included videos of all the sessions, links to transcripts of all the public sessions, more news articles, and all official exhibits released to the public.

Since the 1950s, the Witnesses have preached a doctrine allowing “Jehovah’s followers” to deceive anyone outside of the religion if doing so protects the organization. They call it “theocratic warfare.”

The Commission hearings and Trey Bundy’s thorough and concise investigations have done a great deal toward opening up the Watchtower to closer scrutiny and exposure. This is hopefully only the beginning leading to full exposure of  Watchtower’s policy of hiding the truth.

In the meantime, be sure to visit REVEAL and read Trey Bundy’s article: Link to Article  //  Link to PDF

REVEAL article by Trey Bundy on Watchtower’s use of “shunning” to enforce their policies: Link to Article // Link to PDF


Coming Soon! A New Homepage and Additional Features on WTD

WT-icon-4My webmaster is finishing up a complete redesign of the “Home” (or “landing”) page for This project has moved forward for several months, but due to all the recent news (including the Royal Commission hearings and an already heavy workload), he has fallen way behind his original schedule. He hopes to have it up and fully operational by the first of October.

We are also adding several other new features to this website. We are expanding our video and audio resources, adding a weekly personal video called (tentatively) “Brunch with Barbara.” I will be able to keep you updated on latest news and announce new articles and videos due to be published here on WTD .

We plan to provide an easily accessible video that will be a guide to all the features and assets that are available on this site – and show you how to find, access and use them. Let’s face it, trying to find an obscure book in a big city library is not easy – and that’s what WTD is – it’s exactly like a huge library that contains literally thousands of documents.

This is a major project for us all – and we have high hopes that our efforts will be rewarded with even more visitors. I have so much information to share, so many new things to add to the website and dozens of projects working in the background – and I really want to get all of it out to YOU, my faithful readers and visitors. I really hope our plans are successful.

I am also working on several projects myself – so I too am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. That’s good news for all of my readers. So much is happening every week – major changes are coming and news is breaking that continues to clearly identify the weaknesses the Watchtower and its leaders have. Let’s hope we make a lot of progress over the next twelve months.

 – Barbara



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